mardi 12 février 2008

Sophie and I

I believe Sophie imitates all the things I do. But I do not know how, she always seems to be better at everything than me. I like travelling, taking pictures, reading, cooking… And in some mysterious ways, she will go more adventurously, she will take more artistic, brighter and more colorful shots, she will understand more deeply the meaning of any book, she will prepare tastier meals… Her mimics always appear to me to be more successful than my models.

It is not really jealousy. It is more like the way you feel for a younger sister. Deep inside, I know I like her. Because I have to, not because I choose to. Most of the time I just cannot stand her anymore: she is there, anyway, and I have to cope with that.

But sometimes, I feel like being by myself, without her, and the constant reflection she is showing me. I would forget her, I would forget what people think about us, I would not try anymore to be the best, and I would just be me. Then I feel at peace with her, and me. Us.


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