mardi 5 février 2008

Down at the end

It's rare when people sometimes foresee future events with extreme accuracy, past experiences sometimes teach us too much for own good, this is not Gary Kasparov saying in his mind check mate in 33 moves, sometimes reading what we have on our hands can be more then enough to say where every piece fits...

It's hard when you know what you are walking to, and what you are going to face, sometimes walking into the lion's nest is inevitable and uncontrollable, you turn out to be a mere spectator in your own body, unable to control the fixed outcome whatever your moves and words might be, seeing what's down at the end is frightening enough, sometimes it's not bliss to know what is heading toward you.

There, Down at the end, lies our destiny were we see and accept, where we hope and wish, do we have the strength to change ? to fight for what is rightfully us to create ?

There Down at the road to the end, we build ourselves , we hone ourselves--Do we join the herd or just pave our own new road?

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