samedi 2 février 2008

Once upon a time there lived a tiny midget

With his tiny wife and their tinier children,

And every once in a while someone would tell them

That they were tiny, truly tiny as can be.

But the little man did not mind

For it was known, in a midget's world

That no one is ever tiny

But for a giants' world.

But it seemed one terrible day,

That he who was by far the youngest

Was to be by the farthest the tallest.

And this state would but decay.

A giant in my house !

It certainly can't be !

I'll tear your very eyes

Quick, Polyphemus, flee !

But as the wife would not agree,

And stood for her son’s eyes,

Thus the son was granted life,

And stayed where he shall be.

And all the spectators of the circus family,

Were amazed to see what a giant he could be !

And happier the family soon was, to see

Thus much tinier midgets they appeared to be !

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