dimanche 3 février 2008

I am Faust

I’m walking in the street, wearing thick glasses,

and an old jacket of my grandfather's.

People passing by look at me, hi, geek, they say.

Yes, I’m an unfortunate geek; I failed my love,

I talked about physics, mathematics and philosophy for hours,

But I didn’t dare to utter the single word.

When the time to say goodbye came, I decided to seize the last chance.

To explain my bad performance, I confessed that it was my first date.

But you know what? She laughed so loudly.

Frustrated, I called my best friend for help,

Hahaha, he laughed into the phone like mad,

“You should do a research on love, my philosopher.”

The next day while I was reading “philosophy of love” in the library,

A stranger came to me, “Hey boy, as a former victim, I want to warn you.

Daemon is coming to tempt you.”

Daemon? Tempting me? What a bad joke!

These questions in mind, I wandered in the street,

And then I saw him, right there in a Ferrari.

“Hey boy, how about an exchange?” he smiled like an angel, “You know what I want.”

“Yes, but what have you got for me?”

“Love.” He said, and I surrendered.

Moss, shirt, chic costume and expensive watch,

He dressed me up like a playboy,

“Then go, love is waiting for you.”

What a big party! Girls surrounded me as if I were a prince.

Then Ashley showed up, she was so surprised seeing me.

“Beautiful young lady,” I offered her my hand, “Will you dance with me?”

Rock, Salsa and Cha-cha, we danced as if we were in burning shoes.

“You said it was your first date.” She said doubtfully.

“Oh yes, you are my only love, I swear.” We kissed each other passionately.

“That’s absolutely true.” Suddenly my unpleasant creditor came out from nowhere.

Music disappeared, girls became rats, and the party hall became a huge pumpkin.

“Hey boy, you got your love, and I’m here to get your soul.”

Remembering my unequal contract, I fell from heaven to hell.

But my brave princess stood up and protested,

“That’s not fair. I want a trial!” I Forgot to say, Ashley is a lawyer.

So we fought a lawsuit in front of God. Daemon accused me of breaking the contract,

And Ashley defended me by saying that my love was offered by her not by him.

“Oh, love is always such a complicated thing.” God said, “How about mediation?”

Daemon was furious, but Ashley was not frightened enough to back down.

“Poor old thing, I can provide something for compensation.”

And she took out a golden apple.

My Ashley, no, Aphrodite, became even more beautiful after having lost her golden apple,

I was so amazed and loved her even more than ever.

“You know,” She said, “all the goddess of love needs is love.”

Well, my name is Faust, and that’s the happy ending to my story.

Daemon went back to the hell with his golden apple of vanity and greed,

And I will stay happily with my goddess of love forever.

YU Tuotuo

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