dimanche 3 janvier 2010

Normal, by Wang Junzhe

By Wang Junzhe

My girlfriend and I were lying in bed.

“Look at you! You are so lovely and beautiful! You have definitely the potential to be a movie star!” I said softly looking into her eyes.

“You really think so? I hope I will get famous as well!” she smiled at me.

“Sure! How great it will be!” I said, “However… hmm… let’s just stop dreaming.” I turned off the bedside lamp, “night dear, sweet dreams!”

The next day, my girlfriend went to work as usual. At around one, she called me and said excitingly “You will not believe it! Today, I met a film producer. He said I have got the potential to be a star and he asked me to try out for the leading role in his movie!”

From that day on, I watched her often on TV: in films, on TV series and in advertisements. She did become a star! I was so happy and proud for her! Furthermore, as her boyfriend, I had quite a number of interviews and from time to time I had the chance to be on TV as well! “That feels good!” I said to myself.

A year later, she was famous all over the nation. She was the idol for everybody.

Two years later, she became internationally well-known. She went abroad quite often.

Three years later, I hardly saw her once a week, except on TV.

Four years later, I heard rumors about her having affairs with other actors.

Five years later, on the night of our marriage, she told me that she was pregnant. However… the baby was not mine. Finally, I could not bear it anymore and shouted at her crazily.

Suddenly, I felt someone shaking me, “What’s up, Dear? Is everything OK? Why are you yelling at 3 o’clock in the morning?” It was my girlfriend, with a drowsy look.

Luckily it was only a dream!

“It is OK, Dear,” I said with a mild smile, “just a nightmare. I should really stop dreaming!”

by Wang Junzhe, after Dan Rhodes

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