lundi 23 février 2009

An Afternoon of Words & Theatre 10: Florian Tedeschi

Violence(s), by Florian Tedeschi

A small public garden, with a sandbox where two children are playing. They are arguing.

Children 1 : Give me your bucket!

Children 2 : I’ll never give it to you! Why should I?

Children 1 : ’Cause if you don’t, I’ll jump on your sandcastle.

Children 2 : Oh yeah? If you do that, I’ll scratch your face.

Children 1 : Then I would tear your hair out!

They keep on arguing. We can’t hear what they’re saying, but we can see they are really angry. The light moves to the left, where their fathers are sitting on a bench.

Father 1 : I heard you got promoted?

Father 2 : Yes, I’m totally excited about it.

Father 1 : Does the boss know what you were doing with his wife last Wednesday?

Father 2 : I hope not, for sure!

Father 1 : What if I told him about that? I guess that’s what I would do, if you don’t decline his offer.

Father 2 : Oh yeah? Then I would tell him about all your embezzling...

Father 1 : And I would not only tell not your boss, but also your wife about your little rendez-vous...

They keep on arguing. The light moves back to the children.

Children 2 : Then I would kick your sorry ass.

Children 1 : You would kick my sorry ass?

Children : Yes! I would kick your sorry ass.

They laugh. The light moves back to the fathers.

Father 2 : Really? Then I would have much more to lose.

Father 1 with satisafaction in his voice : I guess so.

The second father takes a gun with a silencer out of his pocket, shoots, and kills the other. The children keep on laughing, not aware of what has just happened.
NOTE: Final image here is by Mike Jones, Welsh artist (b 1941) lives in the Swansea Valley & is represented by Foutain Fine Art Gallery. More of his art can be found by clicking HERE.

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